Reading in Year 6

Reading isn’t just an important skill…
Reading will help you learn in all subjects.
Reading will help develop your imagination.
Reading will give you ideas for your own writing.
and…Reading can be FUN!

In Year 6 guided reading sessions take place every week with Miss Baker. Pupils also need to be reading at home and this should be recorded in their reading record. It doesn’t have to be their school reading book- it could be a book from the library, a comic or a newspaper. Some Year 6 children prefer to read independently. This should be encouraged and there are a list of questions in the back of the reading records which will support you at home with checking their understanding. It would also be greatly appreciated if you signed your child’s reading record.
Miss Baker checks the children’s reading records every Monday and will respond to any comments that you make. Thanks for your support.


If you have a read a good book recently please tell us all about it. Please leave a comment but remember to include the name of the book, author and why it was such a good read.


5 comments on “Reading in Year 6

  1. “the boy in the striped pyjamas” by john boyne with back up reference material on look for: interactive map of Auschwitz.

    The book is available from the scholastic shop for oly £1.99 and you can still get money for the school like at the book fair.

  2. I really enjoyed the Mozart question it was very intersting. At first it didnt have nothing to do with world war 2 but then it became sad. I would recommend this book to teachers and children because it is very interesting and the teachers could teach the children and they could do really good work like we have.

  3. I really enjoyed the mozart question as well because it shocked you when something bad happend and you weren’t expecting it to be bad

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