Literacy- The Mozart Question

Alisha’s review of the book:

I have just this minite finished reading the Mozart Question , by Michael Morpurgo.I enjoyed this book because it was full of secrets and questions. It was so exiting .The book made me feel happy and sad because it was happy to hear that Mama and Papa had found their long lost friend Benjamin , it made me feel sad because of all the little children , babies and adults going into the camp.The author kept me reading because it was so exiting.I couldn’t put the book down, because when ever we did we always ended up on an exciting part. Alisha Shortland

Reading interview- William & Jake:

Reading interview- Will & Max:


4 comments on “Literacy- The Mozart Question

  1. This is a really good post Alisha. Your work is now being shared around the world. You are like a famous writer! OMGosh!

  2. Thank you I thought that it was good my self , the story in are own way that we are writing , I think that it is going to be my best peace of work I have done in ages.

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