Birmingham Airport Trip

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3 comments on “Birmingham Airport Trip

  1. On the 18th May year 6 went on a trip to Birmigham Flight Airport to see how all the planes flew. They were all completely different coloured, sized aeroplanes some with propellors on the end of them and some without.We all got put in two diffrent groups some in Mrs Moore’s group and some in Miss Bakers group also some in Mrs Wolpoles group and some in Mrs Marshe;s group. In our groups we went on the monorail Mrs Moore started it off by saying to us ”Shall i ask if we go on the monorail” and we all shouted ”YES YES !”. After we went on the relaxing but fast ride, we had got a task to do before so we went to finish that off. After a while we came back to the monorail suddenly… Mrs Moore had a phone call from Mrs Marsh saying I have lost Charotte and Reece I left them on the monorail because the doors closed before i even got on so they are coming back on the monorail now please wait for them and we shall meet you there. After the drama moment it was time to go back to the Flight Shool room to do another task that each group had. My group one was the hardest. We had a map and we had to use the computers to reaserch some cities on the google maps. We had done a bit of it and then it was finally luchtime. So we had to go on a very long walk to get to the spot my feet were killing me when I got there. LuckIly on the way back me and Megan got a ride in the wheelchair. When we got back to the flight school because at school the years 2s were doing a cake salel. Mrs Hogkinsan very kindly packed some cakes for us to take. The cakes were lush i really liked them. After that we carried on with the task we were doing before lunch. Then each group had to perfom the presentation… we finally got to the last one and that was Miss Bakers group. Their task was to perform a play so they did extremely well it was so good. Then it was time to go home so we all had our stuff and got on the coach and went home.

    Thanks for taking us.
    Maisie XX

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